Pun Coffee Vietnamese specialty coffee and international specialty coffee

We have a sustainable attachment to livelihoods and gender equality to the Van Kieu ethnic minority who make coffee.

Pun Coffee builds and develops raw material areas according to agro-forestry criteria, creating biodiversity from coffee gardens to help farmers proactively generate income.

Our vision

Pun Coffee – Viet Nam’s specialty coffee, World’s specialty coffee

We build a strategy to develop Arabica coffee grown and processed in Huong Phung – Huong Hoa – Quang Tri – Vietnam to become a world specialty coffee brand by 2025 certified by the World Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Our mission
Develop & enhance sustainable and proactive livelihoods for Van Kieu ethnic minorities, coffee farmers in the supply chain of raw materials for Pun Coffee, creating forests from coffee landcape gardens.
Building gender equality and community equality for Van Kieu ethnic minority women

The specialty coffee journey


Pun Coffee and farm






VietNam amazing cup

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Pun Coffee is the first enterprise in Quang Tri to apply SCA specialty coffee processing knowledge to its production process. The green coffee provided by Pun Coffee is confirmed with the coffee quality score issued by SCA&CQI experts, and Pun Coffee reaches the top1 of Vietnam’s specialty coffees in 2021, top 3 of Vietnam amazing cup in 2022
Coffee green bean processing two methods : Natural & Honey

Arabica coffee green bean

Natural processing

Arabica coffee green bean

Honey processing

Liberica coffee green bean

Natural processing


Pun Coffee is also the first coffee brand of Quang Tri to successfully execute a contract to export coffee directly to the US, and our roasted and ground coffee products include powdered coffee, coffee beans, meeting the needs of customers. meet the diverse needs of consumers in the field of coffee

Whole bean coffee

Grounded coffee

Paper filter instant coffee

Other products in coffee farm, we also have other products in our farm land, such as:

Cascara tea

Honey from coffee blossom


Gratitude & appreciation

Pun Coffee is a small business located on the Truong Son mountain range. We show our gratitude to this land through projects that support children and women of Van Kieu ethnic minority to have a good and happy life.

Moreover, we also participate in emergency support for people affected by storms and floods in the locality to initially help them stabilize in difficult times.


Gender equality for ethnic minority women Van Kieu and Pun Coffee are members of IWCA (Women’s World Coffee Alliance) with positive activities for Van Kieu women such as creating jobs to increase income, import and support personal economic development for women Xary 2 cooperative group – a cooperation group sponsored by Pun Coffee in the form of donating pigs, providing technical assistance in breeding, grow landcape forest..


Own farm: 4 hectares planted under the model of a coffee landcape garden.
The associated farm has a contract to purchase: 135 hectares, including 40 hectares of 35 Van Kieu ethnic minority households, and 95 hectares of coffee farmers.
The associated farm ready to sign a purchase contract: 25 ha.
Raw materials providing production: 300 tons of 100% ripe red fruits